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Arashi Fanfic Awards: F.A.Q.

Welcome to the first (of what hopefully is going to be an annual) Arashi Fanfic Awards!
With all the Oscar and Grammy and what-not, we thought, "why not the Nebulas?"

There will be a preliminary round where each one of us readers nominate what we think is the best fan-fiction for the categories provided. You are not required to fill in EVERY category if you are not familiar with or have not read any fics from that particular category. However, you are encouraged to fill in as many categories as possible to keep the choices open for the final round of voting.

What is the criteria of the fan-fiction that can be nominated?
1. It MUST have at least one Arashi member in the story. This is an Arashi Fanfic Award, after all. ;)
2. It must be posted somewhere BEFORE you read this entry.
3. For chaptered fics, only completed series may be nominated.

Do fan-fiction from memes and/or fan-fiction related events count?
Yes. In fact, we have a category where you can even vote for your favourite meme and/or event. :D

How do I nominate a fic?
Post a comment on the designated votings post (nominations posted on any other post on this LJ will not be entertained), detailing:

1. The full title of the fic AND the name of the author.
2. The link to the fan-fic you're nominating.

All nominations MUST be in either format. This will make it easier to for following rounds, and tallying up nominations.

Can I nominate my own fic?
Yes, you can, but it's up to other people whether or not they'll vote for it. :)

There's a really good chaptered fic I'd like to nominate, but it's not finished yet.
For series, only completed fics are eligible. Since we're hoping to make this an annual event, perhaps you could nominate that fic on another year, when it's complete.

How many fics can I nominate per category?
There is no limit as to how many you want to nominate per category, but you can only nominate for the same fic once in each category. (You can nominate it in other categories, though! ^^)

When is the deadline?
The last day for nominations is 21st April, 2012 (midnight, GMT8+). The next round of voting will be announced later. Nominations after the deadline will not be counted in the tally.

How many finalists will there be in each category?
The short-list will consist of 5 finalists per category.

In the event where there is a two-way tie when counting the finalists, both will be considered as finalist. However, if more than two fics are tied as finalists, we'll do a new vote as a tie-breaker.

In the event where there is less than 5 nominations, all nominated fics will be included in the final round.

In the event where there is only one OR no nomination, the category will be dropped from this year's awards. The one nominated fic will still be included in the fic archive.

Do I get anything if my fan-fiction wins?
Yes... in the form of appreciation from the fandom ;)

Why are you doing this again?
This fandom has grown exponentially fast over the past years. Along the way, we've all read a lot of great fan-fiction. Not everyone keeps track of what they've read, or keep all the fics they've read in memories. We believe this is a good way of coming up with a collectively good, well-rounded fic recommendation, from fans for fans :)

We believe that by the time the final round of finalists are revealed, we will already have a pool of very good fan-fiction. :) :)

We will make two archive posts:
1. Short-listed fics from the final voting.
2. Winners of the Arashi Fanfic Awards.

We will try to make an archive for ALL the nominated fan-fiction, if it's within our capability.

This award is NOT meant to downgrade; it's here to motivate.
We do not intend to hurt/abuse/disrespect anyone in the process of planning and carrying through this award.

Basically, we just want to have fun. :D

Are you ready? Go on to the NOMINATIONS POST comment with your nominations!

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