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Arashi Fanfic Awards: Nominations (Pre-lims)

These are the categories up for nominations:

01. Best Aimiya
02. Best Junba
03. Best Juntoshi
04. Best Matsumiya
05. Best Ohba
06. Best Ohmiya
07. Best Sakumiya
08. Best Sakumoto
09. Best Sakuraiba
10. Best Yamapair

11. Best Crack/Humour
12. Best Romance/Fluff
13. Best Drama/Angst
14. Best Gen Fic
15. Best Horror/Fantasy/Science Fiction
16. Best AU
17. Best Non-AU
18. Best Het Fic
19. Best OT5 Fic
20. Best Arashi x Non-Arashi Member Crossover

21. Best Series
22. Best One-Shot
23. Best Ficlet/Drabble

24. Best Fic Community
*applies to all communities that allow Arashi fan-fiction to be posted in it.

25. Best Fic-Related Event
*eg Sakuraibathon, Constructive Criticism Meme, Fix Exchanges, etc. (please include event name and/or organizer(s) of event)

26. Best Author

* Just comment with your votes below (all comments are screened, and anonymous comments are allowed).
* You don't have to nominate for ALL categories if you don't want to, but please nominate for as many that you can. If you don't have a nomination for a category, then just state that you don't have one.
* Include either (1) title AND author, or (2) link to fic, or (3) both.

1. Best Aimiya Fic: TITLE by AUTHOR (http://linkhere)
2. Best Junba Fic: no nomination
3. Best Juntoshi Fic: TITLE2 by AUTHOR2, TITLE3 by AUTHOR3
4. Best Matsumiya Fic: http://linkhere

Remember, only comments on this post will be counted. Comments on any other posts in this LJ will not be included in our tally. Deadline for nominations is on February 27th, 2011.

You can check our awards F.A.Q. here.

IMPORTANT: As we've stated in the F.A.Q., only COMPLETED series will be accepted as nominations.
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